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Clad To Help offers a UNIQUE service

...a LEASEHOLDER, RMC Director and CHARTERED ENGINEER who is genuinely on the side of leaseholders...with professional expertise in complex client-side project delivery, engineering design, construction planning, contract law, risk management, programme management...fully conversant in the entire Building Safety Fund & Cladding Safety Scheme process and all the pitfalls...acting as your client-side advisor offering direction, guidance, oversight and strategy to leaseholders and RMC/RTM directors to help you avoid exploitation by rip-off Managing Agents and delay from go-slow secure grant funding as quickly as possible...adding value whatever stage you are at.


Services during pre-construction / BSF application include:

  • Diligence check of PAS9980 FRAEW report against Building Safety Fund & Cladding Safety Scheme Registration requirements to avoid rejection and months of delay.

  • Strategic project support and steering advice to the RMC/RTM board throughout the BSF pre-construction stage.

  • Act as a "friendly critic", with frank honest advice from a leaseholder/director perspective.

  • Direct your professional team, maintain pressure and programme, manage risks, ensure scope is fully delivered.

  • Provide a level of assurance, direction, scrutiny, technical challenge and second opinion to help you avoid pitfalls and mitigate risks that could jeopardize your BSF project or lead to unnecessary costs or delays.

  • Advise if the solutions put forward by your professional team are the best for you and the leaseholders, for example around timing, phasing and scoping of works; suggest alternative strategies and challenge your team where appropriate.

  • In-depth advice and strategy on BSF & CSS submissions, how to overcome hundreds of problems.

  • Kick-start your remediation project, build the right professional team of companies to fill numerous key roles.

  • Scrutinise fee, scope and contract proposals of your Lead Consultant; identify scope gaps, risks, poor execution strategies, unfair fee structures.

  • Proactive management and mitigation of project risks to avoid delay, cost increase, funding shortfall etc.

  • Identify blockers, delayers and critical tasks in the programme and resolve them.

  • Building Safety Fund & Cladding Safety Scheme appeals.

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